Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's Goin On and arrrrgh!!!

First with the arrrrgh!!!
I have somehow managed to hurt my back (not to bad) just as the weather has gotten alright. Rest, stretch and spend some time rolling on Sven (the massaging tennis ball) today and it should be alright for some easy classics later in the week, at least thats what i tell myself.
As for what's goin on, not much unfortunately. Had a fun day in the wind at Burbage sth on Saturday but back was starting to get sore so was just mucking around doing hands free problems and mantels. Sunday went to Stanage and met up with lots of people but sore back led to low motivation. Felt sorry for old bleedy hands (Ricardo) as every hold he touched seemed to rip his fingers apart. 
Only a week left of holiday left so i will be soon back in downtown Blackheath. Looking forward to sun and training as this trip really hammered home my Weaknesses. Body to heavy and not nearly flexible enough. Should be fun working on these when i get home.
I actually thought i had prepared well for this trip and was going to make some breakthroughs in my climbing. It's funny how sometimes your best laid plans don't happen. Grade wise i have climbed worse than i have in the past but i still have had alot of fun doing the problems i have done and hanging out with great people.
The trip has certainly made it clear that climbing is what i want to do, but to climb the
problems i want to do i still have a long way to go.
The tortise beat the hare in the end.
Have fun and enjoy your Day.
photo's of Rich and Toby at burbage west.

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