Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bikes and Blocs

First up i built a new cruiser with Andy on Friday, rad coaster brake, riser bar the perfect bike for going to training and the shops. Thanks heaps Andy for your time and expertise and creating the perfect bike for its purpose.
On the bloc front being doing bits and pieces all over the place last weekend was spent in Sydney at the Villas and Tambourine Bay. It was great to get back  down to some old haunts i didn't send anything of note but had a good time. This weekend was spent at various mountains venues with Phil and Lee. It was nice and cold and clear perfect mountains weather and it was great to be out. Feeling a little flat after training hard for the past month but was happy to be out.
A sadder note,  this week my old dog Sam past away. He had being battling cancer for the past year and only in the last few days had lost the will. I must thank Fi and Jeff for being his parents for the second half of his life, i know he loved them dearly. He was a great friend and a great dog and anyone who met him was touched by his presence.
Off to the Grampians for a week on Friday with Scoots, Lee and Amanda will be great to get back down there.
Also the Haviland stone got lofted above my head on the weekend, a small victory.
See y'all soon