Thursday, July 29, 2010


My love of crowds (groups of more than 2) once again drove me west on Saturday. First i went up to Jerry's Meadow to clean up a few new lines and send them. As mostly happens these new projects turned out to a bit harder than i expected and may require a little more time but they are quite cool. Phil met me out there and offered some encouraging words and a spot and after a short while lunch was called. No where else to go but Tarana pub for a quick beer and a tiger burger. I don't know why out of all the time that has been spent out there i have only gone to the pub 2 or 3 times, very strange.
After lunch Phil went out to do some more scouting and i headed over to Tarana. Climbed a couple of the classics and had a nap on my pad.
Shot some video of one of my favourites see it here
Hope the rain stops for the weekend,
Have fun out there.

Monday, July 19, 2010


A Lesson in Eating Your own Face/Grampians 2010

Got back last night from holidays exhausted and not at all refreshed and ready for work, just as you should be. Pottering around the boulders of Mount Staplyton with mates is always fun, i don't think i will ever grow tired of it.
The psych award has to go to Andy after writing off a van, a cow and a finger he still hung around and showed great spirit were others would have not. Luckily he got to send a problem with Fred Rhouling before completely snapping his finger in two.
Was pretty cool getting to meet the above mentioned Fred holidaying with his family of crushing children, getting burnt off by an 11 year old girl and 9 year old boy isn't as bad as it sounds. Great guy as well. Got the boys frothing for Boux
Was a bit sick for the trip witch was not so rad but still had a blast doing the problems i succeeded on and always enjoy the process of trying problems out of my limits any way so no complaints from me just leaves more to do next time.
Don't quite know what else to report other than good boulders+ good friends+good food=goodtimes.
Hunt down my vimeo page for a video of Scoots and Sharik kicking in the kegs of Killer Dwarf.
Technology getting me down will upload photos soon

Work hard
Play Harder

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Horse is a Horse

Unless its a trip to the Grampians. I have felt like a school kid in the last week of term this week, it just seems to keep on dragging on. Finished by 2 tomorrow.
Shoes, chalk, esspresso machine, beer.
All packed.

"And now" cried Max "Let the wild rumpus start!"

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Plastic Fantastic or Western Wanderings

Exciting times are afoot, but first.
After getting a shipload (shitload) of holds and pads at work, the past week was spent sending packages of plastic across the city gyms. This led to some strange affliction coming over me and I headed down to a boulder comp at ECAT. A combination of poor weather and circumstance had led to a big team of mountain folk going as well. Team Cossey performed with their usual aplomb, Wazzy and Nick dominated the masters and Ginger won an award for shiny shoes. The comp had a victim as well with Amanda falling victim to an evil potato salad (get better soon).
With a plastic fix out of my system Sunday dawned cold and clear, perfect for a day out west.
I wanted to try a problem up at Evan's Crown that Phil put up a year(maybe 2?)ago and i wanted to check out a spot that Crunch had given me some good mail on at Jerry's meadow.
The spot at Jerry's is an old small quarry that has some fearsome looking high lines and i also found one short problem that with a little(maybe alot)of brushing should be fun. Looking forward to getting back their soon.
Onwards to the crown.
I hiked up to the boulder i wanted to try, warmed up, did 2 of the moves required and lay about on my pad in the sun did the moves again and hiked back down to the car. It always amazes me how little i can do on a bouldering day and still be happy with what i have done in the day, let alone how tired i am. It's so nice just hanging out in the peaceful boulders scrubbing holds and contemplating the lines in front of you and those in far off places.
Speaking of far off places the great south is calling and on Saturday i head down to the Gramps with Sharik, Scoots and the Mighty Buge. We will have special guest appearances from Rowan and in the 2nd week Jo is coming down, should be an outrageously good time any southerners who read this and feel like coming out we will be the ones having fun and i will be wearing a hat so look us up.

Adios Amigos

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost On The River

Footage of me and Ben messing about in the rivers.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Parties and The Like

Travelled to our nations capital the other week for neice Molly's birthday, see my family and meet the newest Brailey my nephew Hugh. Had a great time with all my family and Hugh seems like a stout little man. Had long talks with brother and the parents about growing up, its amazing what you can remember as you get older. It seems like yesterday that we were catching a lake full of bream at Nan and Pop's as little kids or playing mahjong with Gran in her backyard on school holidays.
Back to the present the weekends bouldering was based on a river theme, on friday i hiked out to the Coxs river to have a look at a problem Sharik had done a few years ago. The only bad thing about this problem is the landing which is straight in the river. So out i went with my tomahawk to make a platform. Two trees and hours later the platform was made and i could try the problem, needless to say i was toasted and didn't have success but i had a great afternoon. Hiked out in the dark tired and happy.
Saturday afternoon was spent at the river bed boulder in the Megalong valley with B.C. Ben and Lee had both climbed this problem to a jug but over previous weeks i had gone down and scrubbed the top out. Ben re-climbed the line and did a straight out line as well. I did some moves, fell on my arse and once again had good time. Investing some time into this problem over the next while is certainly going to be fun.
Cooler temps have come to the mountains now and the next couple of months should be great.

Happy trails

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tarana Family Day

Went out to Tarana on the weekend with a big crew of upper Mountains familes. The kids were great to have around, learning about stinging nettles wasn't so much fun for them but otherwise they all had fun scampering around on the pebbles.
Ginger getting her frown on.
Then it was the turn of the grown ups. Nick and Corrine both sent Garths Arete after a previous days effort, but it was the old dog Saunders stepping up and flashing the problem.

Video of the flash

Friday, April 30, 2010

Gifts and My first movie

Got a amazing birthday gift from the brothers Cossey this week, can't tell you what it is but watch out for it in a future post. Needless to say they know the way to a mans heart.
Tried my hand at some movie shizzle last night not very pro but thought i'd put it up anyhow.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shabangabang (New Zealand)

Was lucky enough to go to Shabangabang with Katharine and Phillip for our friends Max and Mayan's commitment ceremony. Needless to say it was a great day with all the elements that much these days memorable, food, drink and company.
Next up we headed up to Castle Hill where we had rented a chalet in the village. These were the best digs i have ever had on a climbing trip. Spent 2 days on Flock Hill and an afternoon at Spittle Hill with temps around 25 conditions weren't great but it was fantastic holiday weather. Didn't get much (anything) done but ate great food and drank good drink.
A future trip when conditions are prime is on the cards all enquires should be forwarded here.

i say you can't beat drizzle and smog and mist.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Pebble Wrestling

Autum has come and it's time to dust off the sticky boots
chalk up the digits and wrestle some stones.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bigger Things to come.

Been a long time, but with summer gone and autum chill in the air and winter starting to show its head action should increase soon. All shall be good in the land of pebbles and steel and things of minor (yet fun) relevance will occur.

Tune in, turn on and drop out.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Love a Sunburnt Country

it's Australia Day, and although we have our faults i am proud to be Australian. Sure we have some shitheads, the small percentage of them get most of the press, but on days like this where good people like Trooper Mark Donaldson get honoured i'm glad to live under the Southern cross. This is his story

Mark Donaldson enlisted in the Australian Army in 2002 and displayed an early aptitude for soldiering, winning a number of prizes for his skills. As part of the Special Service Regiment he was deployed on operations to East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq. An incident in Afghanistan led to his being awarded the Victoria Cross, Australia’s highest military honour for acts of bravery in wartime. When Mark’s unit was hit by an ambush, nine Australians were wounded.

As the battle raged around him, he deliberately drew enemy fire to himself on several occasions so that wounded soldiers could be moved to safety. Then when he saw a coalition force interpreter lying wounded, he ran 80 metres across exposed ground to rescue him and carry him to safety. This complete disregard for his own safety displayed exceptional courage. Since being awarded the Victoria Cross, Mark has conducted himself in a way that is impressive and makes him a role model for young and old. His bravery in the face of great danger saved lives and won him the highest respect.

I also love that Maggie Beer is senior australian of the year, we love a good cook.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


happy new year, it's hot, i should be here
to hot to think
i'll be back when it cools down.