Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shabangabang (New Zealand)

Was lucky enough to go to Shabangabang with Katharine and Phillip for our friends Max and Mayan's commitment ceremony. Needless to say it was a great day with all the elements that much these days memorable, food, drink and company.
Next up we headed up to Castle Hill where we had rented a chalet in the village. These were the best digs i have ever had on a climbing trip. Spent 2 days on Flock Hill and an afternoon at Spittle Hill with temps around 25 conditions weren't great but it was fantastic holiday weather. Didn't get much (anything) done but ate great food and drank good drink.
A future trip when conditions are prime is on the cards all enquires should be forwarded here.

i say you can't beat drizzle and smog and mist.


  1. Best digs apart from my house of course. NZ looks mint. Hope you are well fella.

  2. What was i thinking? NZ is now pushed to 2nd behind The Sheffield Chalet. I'm pretty good Rich starting to cool down now, just, hope you and your family are well.