Saturday, December 5, 2009

Summertime Blues!

It's being a while.
Most people get excited about the arrival of summer. Not me folks long hot days just aren't my cup of tea. I had being finding it hard to be motivated about training, climbing or anything for the last couple of weeks. Day after day of days in the high twenties and thirties had given me a case of the summertime blues.
Fortunately in the last 2 weeks temps have dropped to mid twenty highs and some evenings where its got down to about 11. This has led me to get out for morning and evening boulders in quite pleasant conditions, as well as training sessions that are productive not soul destroyingly bad. Managed to repeat some problems and will have to try some new stuff soon.
On a non climbing note for the past couple of years i have been buying most of the music i listen to online, so easy to find most things and cheap. Well i am writing this whilst listening to "popular songs" by Yo La Tengo on vinyl (hang on just got to change sides) and it sounds amazing. Technicaly i cant say what the difference is, its just richer in its sound. I guess what i am saying is listen to cds and records they sound better, listen to full albums to, take some time to enjoy music. Digital music has its place but maybe not as much as i have given it.
Bought a new camera the other day, so i have a 18 month old canon 40d for sale, no reasonable offers refused.

Doing the possible is great but embracing the impossible thats when the fun really starts!

Photo of me by Lee.