Monday, December 22, 2008


This is a fun 6c at Mt york.
The rock might be a bit sandy but the moves are good and you get to pull on slopers a bit of a mountains rarity.
Spotting by Wazzy photo by Phil

Don't Mess With The Cool

Saturday night and some colourful characters came around.
One wiseguy thought it would be be good to have a photo with this other cats Lady.
Wrong move sucka!! 

Beer of the Week

Kirin a refreshing drop from Japan. Best for hot Aussie days good with tasty salads and the like.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ode To The Shirtmaker

Here is a poem from Junes Milo magazine (a journal for serious strength athletes).

Shirtmaker, sew these buttons
Extra tight
Before my hard work 
Sends them into flight
They pop on the floor
Of past measurement
Only to form a pile
A result of new Armament

Get it 
Milo is available from the good people of If you like getting strong but aren't into chrome dumbells and purple carpets this is the magazine for you.
The thinking mans resource on strength.
unfortunately not much helps with climbing but good reading all the same.

Train hard!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Stone, Classic Lines and Tasty Meals

                                                   The infamous Clarkstone
                                                      Lamb kebabs
                                                   Boysens Groove 


If you stumble across this Blog i suppose you might like to know What it's about.
Answer; bouldering mainly. Be it training, sending or failing i guess i would like people to see it's not just about big numbers but trying as hard as you possibly can, having as much fun as possible and climbing the classic lines.
It will also include stonelifting and the many tasty meals i encounter as i become the best rocknuzzeler i can be.


Well I'm off again on another fun filled trip to Bleau. Being training hard and am really looking forward to climbing on the Blocs and pushing myself to some new limits.
Meeting up with Scoots, Shaz and Arnie for 3 fun filled weeks.
Hopefuly i will be motivated enough to update this blog a bit and keep a record of successes on the rock and other exciting adventures in the land of rocksports.