Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tarana Bulldozers

Went out to Tarana bouldering today with Ben and Lee where we got busy with some digging to open up some problems. After several hours of moving dirt and boulders we had freed the start for two more classic Tarana problems. Darkness and tired bodies stopped the boys from getting them done but we shall return and they will be sent packing.
Had a bit of a mixed week locked myself out of home for a couple of day's but was lucky enough to have Lee and Amanda take me in (thankyou guys). Spent the week re-roofing John's house and it was nice to be working outside again but i was rooted by the weekend, not so good for my climbing but not a bad way to spend the week.

Rocknuzzeler vs 9a Doorjam Forearm Battle

The forearm growth challenge has begun. Ben, Wes, Lee, Sharik and myself have entered into a bet to see who can grow the biggest forearms by September. Measurements were taken and we will all now go and train our little hearts out till measurements are taken again in September.
There are 2 catagories biggest overall and whoever gets the greatest gains.
Roll on September
Title picture is of Lee showing what a pumpers forearms look like.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Biggest Loser!

Here we go, here's my plan weight is obviously the thing that i struggle with in my climbing and try as i might i always let myself down with backing off with training and diet, so i thought if i commit to documenting my weight loss and training i will not back off for reasons of pride and ego.
So today i went out and bought some scales and i weighed in at 97kg's.
That's my start weight i plan to update blog on a Sunday night so stay tuned to see how i go.
Has been pretty wet up here this week so no chance of any outdoor boulders, trained on plastic a bit and had a play with the kettlebells so not a complete write off.
Lee has also been presenting his slide show "road to Patagonia" the past couple of weeks and i went to see it in Katoomba on Thursday night. It was excellent and a sell out, so if you are in Sydney on 10th June get along to the Red Room (The Bowlers Club York St) kick off at 7pm. You will be entertained. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Get Your Gurn On!

With a cold wind blowing on Friday Ben, Lee and me headed down to the Cox's river for a spot of bouldering. The river is an awesome place with some mind blowing rock architecture and frictionless holds. Whilst there isn't alot of problems down there what's there is good, very good.
A fun day was had by all and the only the lack of snacks was a problem for the walk out(next time better preparations will be made).
Went to check out a problem i wanted to try but the river level was to high to get to the start. Thinking i might build some kind of platform down there as  it is a quality problem that deserves to get climbed. 
Training is now in approaching full swing, slow build up is proving to be a good idea for avoiding aggravating injuries. 
Got some fun new toy's the other day, Kettlebells, they are a great way to train 1/2 hr tossing them about leaves you rooted. 

"Greatness doesn't come cheaply, it comes with a high price tag: Very, very hard work"

Monday, May 11, 2009

Another strange book


We're Having a PINJATA!!!

No climbing this weekend as i headed down to canberra for my Neice'es,Molly, 3rd birthday. What an exciting day. I was woken at 7am with the call of "We're having a pinjata" from Molly, needless to say she was frothing for her party. Cake flowed kid's were swung on the wash line and then time for the main event THE PINJATA.
About 20 kids all had shots at it but Lynda's 5 layer technology proved to tough for the little un's,
Lynda's Mum had a shot, no luck, up stepped Gran for a whack,nothing. It was up to me' i summoned all my nuzzeling powers and unleashed, victory!! My greatest success this year, breaking open the pinjata.
Thanks to my Bro,Lynda and Molly for having me this weekend it was great to see the family
and have a great party.
To all the kid's out there keep training and one day you might be as good as me.


Friday, May 1, 2009


Today's date, 1/5/9. I decided that this day should be an international holiday considering its significance to the campusing world. Although i can't ever concieve doing this on a campus board i thought i should still use this day to try a problem i want to do his year, so me and Ben headed down to Jessica's to give it try.
It was great to be feeling pretty good again and even though i am far from my best it feels great to be able to train and climb again with some sort of conviction.
Anyway Ben managed to do the problem without much hassle which is good as he is now well on the road to his beasting best. I managed to sort out what i need to do to get it done and look forward to heading back in a month or so for the send.
It really is great for me to be able to get back into training and climbing and feel like i am going to get some gains out of what i do.
Not to keen on plastic at the moment but am liking the gym work i am doing to help my posture and will start throwing around some steel next week as well as some more running.
So much more positive now i am mending.
Remember the 11th commandment,
"Thou shalst takest off thy feet and campusth"