Friday, May 1, 2009


Today's date, 1/5/9. I decided that this day should be an international holiday considering its significance to the campusing world. Although i can't ever concieve doing this on a campus board i thought i should still use this day to try a problem i want to do his year, so me and Ben headed down to Jessica's to give it try.
It was great to be feeling pretty good again and even though i am far from my best it feels great to be able to train and climb again with some sort of conviction.
Anyway Ben managed to do the problem without much hassle which is good as he is now well on the road to his beasting best. I managed to sort out what i need to do to get it done and look forward to heading back in a month or so for the send.
It really is great for me to be able to get back into training and climbing and feel like i am going to get some gains out of what i do.
Not to keen on plastic at the moment but am liking the gym work i am doing to help my posture and will start throwing around some steel next week as well as some more running.
So much more positive now i am mending.
Remember the 11th commandment,
"Thou shalst takest off thy feet and campusth"


  1. Is that the problem you want to do in the 2nd image? Looks pretty bloody cool. Glad you are on the mend Mr Beast.

  2. yes this one i would like to do, starts in cave under wall near grey pad. All good in Rich land? Catch up soon mate