Monday, May 11, 2009

We're Having a PINJATA!!!

No climbing this weekend as i headed down to canberra for my Neice'es,Molly, 3rd birthday. What an exciting day. I was woken at 7am with the call of "We're having a pinjata" from Molly, needless to say she was frothing for her party. Cake flowed kid's were swung on the wash line and then time for the main event THE PINJATA.
About 20 kids all had shots at it but Lynda's 5 layer technology proved to tough for the little un's,
Lynda's Mum had a shot, no luck, up stepped Gran for a whack,nothing. It was up to me' i summoned all my nuzzeling powers and unleashed, victory!! My greatest success this year, breaking open the pinjata.
Thanks to my Bro,Lynda and Molly for having me this weekend it was great to see the family
and have a great party.
To all the kid's out there keep training and one day you might be as good as me.


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  1. Aw, the little kid in the red does that thing with his tongue when he concentrates, just like Rich!