Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Biggest Loser!

Here we go, here's my plan weight is obviously the thing that i struggle with in my climbing and try as i might i always let myself down with backing off with training and diet, so i thought if i commit to documenting my weight loss and training i will not back off for reasons of pride and ego.
So today i went out and bought some scales and i weighed in at 97kg's.
That's my start weight i plan to update blog on a Sunday night so stay tuned to see how i go.
Has been pretty wet up here this week so no chance of any outdoor boulders, trained on plastic a bit and had a play with the kettlebells so not a complete write off.
Lee has also been presenting his slide show "road to Patagonia" the past couple of weeks and i went to see it in Katoomba on Thursday night. It was excellent and a sell out, so if you are in Sydney on 10th June get along to the Red Room (The Bowlers Club York St) kick off at 7pm. You will be entertained. 


  1. What is your goal for the weight loss? Hope you can stick with it mate.

    I love the look of those funky kettlebells, but you ought to replace the old metolius stimulator with a sexy new beastmaker ;)

    Keep on beastin'.

  2. pavel would be proud. press, press and press some more!