Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time Flies

I see that it's almost a year since the world found out what has been doing in my world. Truth be told alot and a little. Mainly it's been weight gain and loss, for some fun I thought it was a good idea to get really massive in the second half of last year and by christmas was about 102kg, not good. So in January I sarted running and training with more thought than I have maybe ever, I aslo stopped drinking and to this day haven't had a drop. This drastic step was more of me showing some control over what I do than anything else. With help from Amanda ( my diet is going alright probably about 70% good 30% bad.

Climbing wise things are going pretty good, feel stronger on the board than i have in years, and with some good Autum and Winter conditions on the way I am confident of sending some long term projects before I go to the Grampians at the end of June for a month.

Will try to blog a bit over the next while my stories will get more exciting than this.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


My love of crowds (groups of more than 2) once again drove me west on Saturday. First i went up to Jerry's Meadow to clean up a few new lines and send them. As mostly happens these new projects turned out to a bit harder than i expected and may require a little more time but they are quite cool. Phil met me out there and offered some encouraging words and a spot and after a short while lunch was called. No where else to go but Tarana pub for a quick beer and a tiger burger. I don't know why out of all the time that has been spent out there i have only gone to the pub 2 or 3 times, very strange.
After lunch Phil went out to do some more scouting and i headed over to Tarana. Climbed a couple of the classics and had a nap on my pad.
Shot some video of one of my favourites see it here
Hope the rain stops for the weekend,
Have fun out there.

Monday, July 19, 2010


A Lesson in Eating Your own Face/Grampians 2010

Got back last night from holidays exhausted and not at all refreshed and ready for work, just as you should be. Pottering around the boulders of Mount Staplyton with mates is always fun, i don't think i will ever grow tired of it.
The psych award has to go to Andy after writing off a van, a cow and a finger he still hung around and showed great spirit were others would have not. Luckily he got to send a problem with Fred Rhouling before completely snapping his finger in two.
Was pretty cool getting to meet the above mentioned Fred holidaying with his family of crushing children, getting burnt off by an 11 year old girl and 9 year old boy isn't as bad as it sounds. Great guy as well. Got the boys frothing for Boux
Was a bit sick for the trip witch was not so rad but still had a blast doing the problems i succeeded on and always enjoy the process of trying problems out of my limits any way so no complaints from me just leaves more to do next time.
Don't quite know what else to report other than good boulders+ good friends+good food=goodtimes.
Hunt down my vimeo page for a video of Scoots and Sharik kicking in the kegs of Killer Dwarf.
Technology getting me down will upload photos soon

Work hard
Play Harder

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Horse is a Horse

Unless its a trip to the Grampians. I have felt like a school kid in the last week of term this week, it just seems to keep on dragging on. Finished by 2 tomorrow.
Shoes, chalk, esspresso machine, beer.
All packed.

"And now" cried Max "Let the wild rumpus start!"

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Plastic Fantastic or Western Wanderings

Exciting times are afoot, but first.
After getting a shipload (shitload) of holds and pads at work, the past week was spent sending packages of plastic across the city gyms. This led to some strange affliction coming over me and I headed down to a boulder comp at ECAT. A combination of poor weather and circumstance had led to a big team of mountain folk going as well. Team Cossey performed with their usual aplomb, Wazzy and Nick dominated the masters and Ginger won an award for shiny shoes. The comp had a victim as well with Amanda falling victim to an evil potato salad (get better soon).
With a plastic fix out of my system Sunday dawned cold and clear, perfect for a day out west.
I wanted to try a problem up at Evan's Crown that Phil put up a year(maybe 2?)ago and i wanted to check out a spot that Crunch had given me some good mail on at Jerry's meadow.
The spot at Jerry's is an old small quarry that has some fearsome looking high lines and i also found one short problem that with a little(maybe alot)of brushing should be fun. Looking forward to getting back their soon.
Onwards to the crown.
I hiked up to the boulder i wanted to try, warmed up, did 2 of the moves required and lay about on my pad in the sun did the moves again and hiked back down to the car. It always amazes me how little i can do on a bouldering day and still be happy with what i have done in the day, let alone how tired i am. It's so nice just hanging out in the peaceful boulders scrubbing holds and contemplating the lines in front of you and those in far off places.
Speaking of far off places the great south is calling and on Saturday i head down to the Gramps with Sharik, Scoots and the Mighty Buge. We will have special guest appearances from Rowan and in the 2nd week Jo is coming down, should be an outrageously good time any southerners who read this and feel like coming out we will be the ones having fun and i will be wearing a hat so look us up.

Adios Amigos

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lost On The River

Footage of me and Ben messing about in the rivers.