Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time Flies

I see that it's almost a year since the world found out what has been doing in my world. Truth be told alot and a little. Mainly it's been weight gain and loss, for some fun I thought it was a good idea to get really massive in the second half of last year and by christmas was about 102kg, not good. So in January I sarted running and training with more thought than I have maybe ever, I aslo stopped drinking and to this day haven't had a drop. This drastic step was more of me showing some control over what I do than anything else. With help from Amanda ( my diet is going alright probably about 70% good 30% bad.

Climbing wise things are going pretty good, feel stronger on the board than i have in years, and with some good Autum and Winter conditions on the way I am confident of sending some long term projects before I go to the Grampians at the end of June for a month.

Will try to blog a bit over the next while my stories will get more exciting than this.

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