Thursday, July 29, 2010


My love of crowds (groups of more than 2) once again drove me west on Saturday. First i went up to Jerry's Meadow to clean up a few new lines and send them. As mostly happens these new projects turned out to a bit harder than i expected and may require a little more time but they are quite cool. Phil met me out there and offered some encouraging words and a spot and after a short while lunch was called. No where else to go but Tarana pub for a quick beer and a tiger burger. I don't know why out of all the time that has been spent out there i have only gone to the pub 2 or 3 times, very strange.
After lunch Phil went out to do some more scouting and i headed over to Tarana. Climbed a couple of the classics and had a nap on my pad.
Shot some video of one of my favourites see it here
Hope the rain stops for the weekend,
Have fun out there.

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