Monday, August 24, 2009

Rainy holidays

You'd think someone that has as many holidays as me would catch the sun more. Sorry that just doesn't happen. Woke up to rain this morning and decided to head west to Tarana to hopefully get some dry conditions, fat chance raining harder out there than in good ole Bleakheath. So instead i got a bit of training on the board and a run in the rain. Can't complain on risk of sounding English and had fun anyway.
Bought a new coffee machine today, just a cheap one but it doe's its job well.
Heading down south again on Friday with brothers Cossey and Phil great times and medium to big numbers will fall to our valiant efforts.
Here is a poem from the latest ironmind catalogue,  for Benji and Lee.


It happened one day, quite out of the blue,
the top of the jar was stuck tight, as if by glue

The peanut butter you wanted was inside the jar,
but you were left sitting, like losing the keys to your car.

Then with a swagger came in your brother Lee,
looked at the jar and said, "hand it over to me"

Flicking his wrist, he gave it a twist....

"Enjoy your nice sandwich, and don't be in a rush:
if you need more help call the captains of crush."

On the music front being listening to Seasick Steve's "i  started out with nothing and a still got most of it left". Good blues music check out some his live stuff on vimeo or youtube, radical sounds coming out of such beat up guitars, and man for that matter.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holiday 1

Just started two weeks off, and went down to power plant to finish off a problem i have tried quite a bit over the years. Displaying undave like characteristics i sent. Celebrated by taking some ham self portraits and had a chicken schnitzel and beer at pub for lunch.

Life is grand somedays. (most days really)

Get back to work everyone i'm having a nap!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fatman Flips and Phils HR

Due to letterbox construction on Saturday and a bit of a Sunday morning hangover no climbing happened this weekend. What did happen was of great excitement to the small band of mid-strength strongmen that reside at Haviland Ave.
Firstly Phil set a PB by pressing the Brailey stone above his head with a very solid lock out. We then moved on to the Kettlebells where i managed to flip and press the 24kg bell, again only after Phil showed me it was possible. Pinching steel plates was next where after the crafty introduction of chalk we both managed to pinch grip 4x5kg plates in each hand at the same time.
Phil then set a new HR (Haviland record)  by pinching 2x15kg plates in both the Left and Right hands. 
Other bits and Bobs happened like the usual great food and Friends.
I am  lucky to have such great times and a Holiday in 3 more Days.
There is a Ham warning for the photo's, Pic's of me from Phil.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Went for a ride at lunch today thinking it might be fun and enjoyable, well it was neither and i think the bike might have to go back in the shed for another year. Running seems to be easier just come home strap on the joggers and go, no inflating or putting on more lycra than any man should. Don't get me wrong i still think cycling is great and i have a ton of respect for the pro's but it doesn't sit well with my neck. I mean i like rugby but i don't play anymore, unfortunately the bike might have to go the way of the ball and be for fun only.
On the other hand building hurt bomb's with kettlebells in the backyard over the weekend was great. Throwing lumps of iron around above your head is satisfying to say the least and i recommend it to all.
This post comes to you thanks of half a bottle of Red and chicken rissoto.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gett'n Down to Business

Got back from Gramps the other week, good times!!
Didn't do anything new, managed a few repeats and did some isometric contractions on various harder lines.
Went down feeling pretty strong but it seems that strength improvements are not the be all in me getting up new problems. Overpowering problems i have done before isn't all that satisfying.
Steps are being taken to rectify my weaknesses, trying not to go to hard so i can string together a solid block of training.
took some good photo's i am lucky to go on trips with strong folk and have such good subjects.
Thanks Amanda, Lee, Scoots, Lawry, and Em for a Great week.

Check out this for some power inspiration.