Monday, August 17, 2009

Fatman Flips and Phils HR

Due to letterbox construction on Saturday and a bit of a Sunday morning hangover no climbing happened this weekend. What did happen was of great excitement to the small band of mid-strength strongmen that reside at Haviland Ave.
Firstly Phil set a PB by pressing the Brailey stone above his head with a very solid lock out. We then moved on to the Kettlebells where i managed to flip and press the 24kg bell, again only after Phil showed me it was possible. Pinching steel plates was next where after the crafty introduction of chalk we both managed to pinch grip 4x5kg plates in each hand at the same time.
Phil then set a new HR (Haviland record)  by pinching 2x15kg plates in both the Left and Right hands. 
Other bits and Bobs happened like the usual great food and Friends.
I am  lucky to have such great times and a Holiday in 3 more Days.
There is a Ham warning for the photo's, Pic's of me from Phil.

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  1. well done to the lads of haviland - nice session! not getting to the gym much at the moment myself (bloody bombs and plane crashes keep getting in the way...) but trying to focus on TGUs (with an oly bar, dips and towel chins at the very least.