Monday, August 24, 2009

Rainy holidays

You'd think someone that has as many holidays as me would catch the sun more. Sorry that just doesn't happen. Woke up to rain this morning and decided to head west to Tarana to hopefully get some dry conditions, fat chance raining harder out there than in good ole Bleakheath. So instead i got a bit of training on the board and a run in the rain. Can't complain on risk of sounding English and had fun anyway.
Bought a new coffee machine today, just a cheap one but it doe's its job well.
Heading down south again on Friday with brothers Cossey and Phil great times and medium to big numbers will fall to our valiant efforts.
Here is a poem from the latest ironmind catalogue,  for Benji and Lee.


It happened one day, quite out of the blue,
the top of the jar was stuck tight, as if by glue

The peanut butter you wanted was inside the jar,
but you were left sitting, like losing the keys to your car.

Then with a swagger came in your brother Lee,
looked at the jar and said, "hand it over to me"

Flicking his wrist, he gave it a twist....

"Enjoy your nice sandwich, and don't be in a rush:
if you need more help call the captains of crush."

On the music front being listening to Seasick Steve's "i  started out with nothing and a still got most of it left". Good blues music check out some his live stuff on vimeo or youtube, radical sounds coming out of such beat up guitars, and man for that matter.

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