Monday, August 10, 2009


Went for a ride at lunch today thinking it might be fun and enjoyable, well it was neither and i think the bike might have to go back in the shed for another year. Running seems to be easier just come home strap on the joggers and go, no inflating or putting on more lycra than any man should. Don't get me wrong i still think cycling is great and i have a ton of respect for the pro's but it doesn't sit well with my neck. I mean i like rugby but i don't play anymore, unfortunately the bike might have to go the way of the ball and be for fun only.
On the other hand building hurt bomb's with kettlebells in the backyard over the weekend was great. Throwing lumps of iron around above your head is satisfying to say the least and i recommend it to all.
This post comes to you thanks of half a bottle of Red and chicken rissoto.


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