Monday, May 18, 2009

Get Your Gurn On!

With a cold wind blowing on Friday Ben, Lee and me headed down to the Cox's river for a spot of bouldering. The river is an awesome place with some mind blowing rock architecture and frictionless holds. Whilst there isn't alot of problems down there what's there is good, very good.
A fun day was had by all and the only the lack of snacks was a problem for the walk out(next time better preparations will be made).
Went to check out a problem i wanted to try but the river level was to high to get to the start. Thinking i might build some kind of platform down there as  it is a quality problem that deserves to get climbed. 
Training is now in approaching full swing, slow build up is proving to be a good idea for avoiding aggravating injuries. 
Got some fun new toy's the other day, Kettlebells, they are a great way to train 1/2 hr tossing them about leaves you rooted. 

"Greatness doesn't come cheaply, it comes with a high price tag: Very, very hard work"


  1. Let me know how you get on with the kettlebells mate. I have been wondering whether to invest in a few...

  2. Looking awesome, Dave-o. You feeling better? x