Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birthday and snow

Well i'm up in Leeds now with Sharik and Jo and it's pretty much been snowing for 5 days now.
Don't get me wrong i quite like the white stuff and tobogganing in the park on Monday was great fun, but i'd really like to go climbing for the day soon!!!
Was my birthday yesterday and managed to get out to Almscliff for a while, managed to do Wall of Horrors one of the only dry bits of rock around. At least i got up something on my birthday.
Had a curry and almost won the trivia at old mate with the team from Jo's work. If only we'd listened to Sharik we would have won.
Gritstone February is sort of in a holding pattern at the moment guess we will see what the weather brings. Probably more pints than climbs can't be all bad.

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