Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Resting, Pain and the Train

Well things are looking up for Gritstone february, the snow has melted and although the sun, isn't out the rock is starting to get a bit dryer. All we need is a bit of wind and sun and things should be back on track.
Managed to get out the past 3 days, Saturday played around at Froggat, Sunday out to Almscliff and yesterday headed out to the Slipstones. No major ticks on any of these trip but it's been nice to be out on the Grit again. Drove down to the Peak today and both the Limestone and the Grit were wet so taking a forced rest today and out tomorrow.
On a bad note Young Jack sprained his ankle pretty bad yesterday jumping onto the pad from about a foot, remember just cause the pad looks level doesn't mean that there isn't an ankle breaker under it.
Thinking about what i would like to get done at home this year, and think it should be about cleaning out the undone skeletons from my climbing closet. A couple of months hard training when i get home, some good weather over winter and there should be nothing left but dust  at the end. 
I will post a list of skeletons up soon and see how i go.


  1. Slipstones can be a frustrating place. Where you headed this weekend?

  2. hope to be down the peak should catch up anyhow