Friday, February 6, 2009

Then the Snow was gone

Woke up to clear skies today and headed up to the south lakes (Trowbarrow) with Sharik and Jack. There had been less snow up in Lanchashire and what was there had basically melted away.
Although the problems were to hard for me it was nice to do some tough moves in the sunshine.
Sharik managed to do Virtuian Man which was a pretty cool line with some big moves.
Hopefuly be out on the Grit tomorrow  depending how much snow has melted.
Otherwise it might be back to the Lakes.


  1. Any chance I could get a copy of those images of sharik on vitruvian man? I really really want to do that problem, and the sitter.

  2. good loooking start from the pit problem to

  3. email the full size images to
    pretty please