Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Skeletons and Goals

Giving my list a bit of thought and there isn't to many skeletons but the few that really bug me 
Madge at the Glen fell of 2nd last move
La La Land: Porters pass fell of on slab to top
Crime is art: South Central fell off last move
Dead on Arrival: Fear Factory close but no cigar
The Ladder : Jessicas one more move to do  
Project at?????? not telling where but think i can do it.
Jump Through Roof thing at Mt York
Not to many there, will get them done.
Other goals in climbing and training need a bit more thought but stay tuned.
The photos above are from today at the Bowderstone in the Lakes. Thought it would be dry but high humidity ment that the main face was wet, always shitty when you drive 2hrs to a wet boulder but still managed to do a bit at the left end. The Lakes district is pretty spectecular anyway and it was cool to check out.
Sharik on Spring chicken and me failing on the warm up.

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