Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home,Thanks and Stupid Product Names

I have arrived back Home. Many thanks to Phil for picking me up from the airport, no thanks to those who misplaced my luggage. Gone but not forgotten should turn up tomorrow.
 Had a good last day out in the peak on Sunday with Sharik and Jo doing easy highballs in the sun.
Thanks also to them for having me stay the past month.
Whilst wandering the airport in Paris the other day i saw an ad for COCKPIT . I can just imagine someone getting all dressed up then splashing a bit of COCKPIT on for extra effect. Do people not think when they name products.
The other great name from the last couple of weeks was kfc's BLAZING BOXMASTER. Don't know what it tasted like but i'm pretty sure it's not what springs to mind.
Good to be home after a good trip, to everyone i climbed,drank etc with thank you all for the goodtimes and i look forward to doing it again soon.

1 comment:

  1. Smash it in the BLAZING BOXMASTER!

    Yeah, I'm pretty much reading them all, Dave...