Wednesday, March 25, 2009

not quite right,but getting there

Well i haven't got much to talk about cause I ain't been doing much. The past weekend at Wes and Jane's beach house was an awesome way to spend time with friends eating ,drinking and swimming
 My back is slowly getting better but it seems to be resisting treatment, I guess there's light at the end of the tunnel but it's pretty frustrating not been able to train and climb as much as i want. Managing to run and stretch a few times a week  but i really just want to crush some stone.
   The stones have lain dormant in the back yard now for me all year, haven't tried to lift them since Christmas and i can feel their calling everyday. Thanks to the sophisticated measurements of the Tiger Monkey Institute (TMI) the stones now have official weights.
Haviland Stone 58kg
Clark stone 60kg.
Not super heavy but pressing them above your head requires technique and power that since they have been here no one has possesed. Another goal for winter.
I'm pretty sure that within the next couple of weeks i will be able to increase the training and my goals will start to be realised and the post's will get more exciting.
Get strong and enjoy your journey.
Just so it's not a completely verbal post the photo's are from Font 09, cheer's to Sharik for taking the photo of me.

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  1. That photo of you is amazing Dave. I hope your back is getting better, did the swimming help? I want to get out there and lift those stones! Mebbe next year.
    Natalie has begun weight training, doing the old school exercises. Squats and deadlifts are both at 50 kilo for 20 and 12 reps respectively - mini beast.
    Sharik just did his project at the tor today and he spotted me on Brad pit tonight - close but no cigar.
    Ciao fun lover x