Monday, June 8, 2009

Tuckered Out.

What a weekend, good food, good training and some bouldering thrown in for fun.
Phil cooked some awesome mussels on Saturday night and we went over to Hooky and Sam's for some venison on Sunday both were great winter feeds.
On Sunday morning i took Phil to the workshop to train with the kettlebells, we both suffered pretty hard, i almost felt like spewing it was brutal but fun. Today i went for a run through the Glen across the bottom of Shipley over the top and out Porters Pass. It was also pretty tough and the climb out of Porters killed me. Took just over an hour will try it again in a few weeks and see if i can improve. 
I have managed to sort out work hours to be 8-12 then 2-6 which means 2 hrs in the middle of the day to train, running will be heaps easier to do in the daylight.
Bouldering wise i went to york with Phil and down to porters with Ben. Nothing was sent but Ben worked on the project at Porters. This is one of the coolest projects around and will be awesome when its done.
Photo of me by Phil.

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