Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Ponder

Headed down to Sissy today to boulder with Scoots, Sharik and Chris. Had a good time as always, tough pulling but managed to do a few problems and moves, gotta be happy with that. Went out and bought some new records after, Mos Def's new one "the estatic" is well worth a listen if your into the laid back hip hop thing. 
Anyway onto the main point of this post, i was reading  Milo and in the usual lifting articles  i read this.
"Training hard is a learned skill and like any skill, it becomes better with practice. The more often you train hard the better you become at training hard, and the workouts that seem so difficult at the beginning stages of your training will cause you to laugh at them in the not-to-distant future when you begin to understand how to train hard"
This rang true to me at the stage i feel i'm at in my training at the moment. I think this week should be  good as i now feel i have the "skill" of training hard. 
"The biggest loser" has been going alright the belts been pulled in one hole but as what always seems to happen at the start of any hard training period i eat like a fat guy at burger convention and manage to get a bit leaner but heavier at the same time. Will make a big effort to get my eating right this week, Amanda's diet advice will be kept in my pocket as a reminder of what needs to be done.
One last thing, negativity gives me the shit's, more positive thought's and action's on my path is what's needed, so i am going to "Harness the good and block the bad" from now on!! Just like Happy Gilmore.

Would anyone like maple syrup with this waffle?

Love Dave


  1. If you get enough enough negativity and thus enough 'shits' you will be a waif before long. You want some of my negativity? I have given mine up since becoming a dog owner!

  2. motivation and positive thought:

    "Thus, let us, omitting diversions along the way, strive with all our soul. Let us struggle with a single aim, unless we grasp too late the speed of quick flying time, whose course we cannot delay, when we are left behind. Let every day, as soon as it comes, be welcome as being the best and let it be rendered our own."

    Marcus Aurelius
    Emperor of Rome
    161-180 AD