Sunday, October 11, 2009

Questionable Strength?

Well it's done the final stone at Haviland Ave has been lofted skyward. Late Saturday morning Scoots arrived at home and been the great man of stone he is wanted to play with the collection of stones in the back yard. Never one's to be shy of a bit of a session with the stone Phil and i headed out and we got stuck in.
After feeling sick for longer than i care to remember i wasn't expecting to much but the first three stones went up easy, and it was time to move on to bigger objectives, the Haviland and the final hurdle the Clarkstone. A double pump on the Haviland and it was up all that was left was the Clark. Feeling no pressure i grasped the beastie and pressed it out! Rad! small goal achieved.
We then moved on to some pinch gripping Where both Scoots and Phil got the 30kg lift, awesome. I stilll can't make these move but their time will come.
Scoots and i then headed off with Amanda to the Powerplant for a spot of bouldering. What can i say besides that Amanda dominated the session, and pulled off a gutsy send of the stout Ace of Spades. Bleeding fingers and bruised tips couldn't hold her back, i have seen many strong fingered folk fail on this one it was awesome to see.
Returning home we then played around with some dumbell cleans. Managed 30kgs and worked out the style needed to go heavy. Thought this was alright till we looked in Milo later to see some light weights cleaning 60kg. Still not to bad for a first try at this lift.
As for questionable strength, well both on rock and plastic this weekend i struggled yet still managed to perform well in other power pursuits without even training them for quite some time. Very confusing, technique with stone and steel i think is easier than climbing, soon balance will come.
There are no secrets to hard training, other than hard training.

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