Friday, January 30, 2009

Stanage arete's

Headed out to Stanage today with Rich where we met our friends from up north Si and Bec. After a frustrating warm up on Pebble arete i eventualy managed to scratch my way up both sides of it. After cutting some laps for confidence i decided it was time to have a crack at the classic Crescent arete. This is a problem i have always wanted to do but last time i was here the top was always wet so i didn't get to try it. Also i had always been i little imtimidated by it as it is pretty high and slipping off the top would not be a whole heap of fun.
So off we troted padded out the landing booted up and climbed. Sent 1st shot and climbed it in good style, no sketching no head worries just smooth moves. I was happy to say the least great problem climbed in good style good times.
Rich came close to sending Brad Pit and Si was close to Deliverance and the Terrace and i'm sure they will get them done in the next couple of sessions.
A great day on the grit and they're only gonna get better.

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